Monday, March 16, 2009

Dire Consequences Arrives!

A while back I started a Flickr account to keep pics of my art and decorating work. That didn't work too well for me. So now I've created "Dire Consequences" as my blog to post my artsy-craftsy-home decor doodlings.

Over the past weekend I started working on my studio again. Since I moved into my house with the "great studio" space I haven't had much use of the space. In fact it's so junked up I can't reach the work table.

So now, with my new digital camera and my new attitutde towards treating myself well.

Where did I get the name from?

Well I took a snappy little course on making personal shrines. When my little shrine came together I had a slew of typewriter key beads to decorate with. "Dire Consequences" was the phrase I could make with the letters.

It fits a lot of my collage work. Not a lot of cute cherubs, flowers, romance, and slogans about "dream" and "love. My work is as dark and quirky as I am.

Combine that with all the "dire consequences" I keep hearing about in my personal life and I've got a website.

Let's be dark and delish together.