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Justine, is a little bit more than you'd expect. This is where you are supposed to put your "elevator speech". What you'd say if you were in the elevator with somebody you wanted to connect with. I don't have an "elevator speech". If I ran smack-dab into one of my "heroes" I'd just have to smile and be polite and keep my yipper shut and that's probably for the best anyway!

Monday, January 25, 2010
Would You Move To Cabot Cove?

I spent a quiet weekend in Cabot Cove last weekend.

Well not literally. Even I wouldn't be brave enough to stop the car in anyplace named "Cabot Cove".

Every body knows if you go to Cabot Cove and visit its most famous resident you come back in a box.

Jessica Fletcher has the habit of attracting crazed psycho killers, jealous spouses, and desperate entrepreneurs. She may be sweet. She may be an award winning author. She may have the best collection of polyester separates in television land. But Jessica Fletcher is the white hot core of a murder spree that ran for twelve years.

She has returned to liter the digital landscape with corpses in the "Murder She Wrote" hidden object game.

It's a notable game. Made up of 5 cases, the game follows Jessica through 5 separate murder mysteries. Four Mysteries take place in the lethal hamlet of Cabot Cove. The fifth mystery takes place in London and includes Jessica's identical cousin.

The game play is relaxing. The hidden objects are just challenging enough. In addition to "clue objects", in each scene you earn extra points and hints by finding the vowel keys and ribbon from Jessica's trusty black typewriter. The mini-games between scenes vary and have some challenge without driving you crazy. Each case has plenty of exposition in the form of dialogue between Jessica and familiar characters such as "Doc" and the Sheriff. The mysteries aren't easy peasy and they do follow logically from the facts outlined in the story.

The game is available for an hour of free play from Big Fish Games or Shockwave. If you like the game, it's only $6.99 for a full version.

I'm hoping for more installments in the series.

On a side note, would you move to Cabot Cove? I saw one website that calculated that 40% of Cabot Cove's population was murdered over the 12 seasons of the show. Add in the trail of corpses Jessica left each time she went traveling and it seems like incredibly bad luck to be in her circle.

If you moved to Cabot Cove, would it be prudent to make a pre-emptive strike on the charming Mrs. Fletcher? What happened to Mr. Fletcher anyway? Was he murdered?

If you wound up with a house on Electron Avenue between Jessica Fletcher and Nero Wolfe would you survive a fortnight?
Friday, January 22, 2010
Fritata Friday

Artists depiction of Justine after dental procedures.
(ok I swiped this pic from Tim Holtz's blog)

Ok who is fried? Show hands!

I see Love Monkey, Bob the Camel, Justine, and that looks like OMBH over there too.

Until OMBH sent me a note today, I'd forgotten I hadn't blogged since last week.

Last Friday I hired a new dentist and got some restorative work done. My face is a lot less swollen and the infection is going away. Yes, OMBH it was a good weekend with LM. We had a Sherlock Holmes DVD festival.

I still love Roger the Roomba Robot. He hums out of his little station and roams around the house several times a week. Like his name sake he has problems with "authority", he still likes to knock over the "invisible walls" and speed on past. With Roger around my house gets vac'd twice a week. The 'builder grade' carpet is actually starting to look rejuvenated.
Friday, January 15, 2010
I Got Me Some Purty Teefs!

Gratuitous "Vince" pic from NoelFielding.Org (For OMBH)

Readers of my blog know I love to put a pretty pic someplace in each post. I especially like pretty men. Today I looked for some nice "Vince Teef" pics but I discovered that in a lot of his pics his teeth are really dirty. So I settled for his sweet photog.

I went to the "new" dentist again today. Now I have my teeth back. I'm also loaded up with Ibuprofen. This morning involved surgery to take broken teeth pieces out of the gums. All I can say is "What a difference a dentist makes!"

This dentist was able to use topical numbing agents and behave so that the needles in the front part of my mouth did not hurt. He also didn't lean on my face while he was working!

I am now free of the issues that we causing and infection in my upper jaw. I also have front teeth now.

Soooo much better!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Hollywood Nocturne

A Pic from the BBC America Site Pretending Like They Want American Top Gear Fans.

Ok, the above pic ain't Shelly Winters portraying Lolita. I'm not Jeremy Irons reading Nabokov's tragic tale with a measured cadence that could tranquilize a cartoon Tasmanian Devil.

Brian Setzer is lulling me with his "Hollywood Nocturne". The boozy lounge tempo makes me want a rum sour and a solitary view of a harbor at night. Neither one would soothe me today.

Today I want to be at home to do my prostadontic shopping via telephone in private.

The dentist was a disappointment. For all his claims to be able to fix failed dental work, he failed miserably himself. Today I am missing a chunk of dental work. I look like I just took a mule down out of the darkest part of the Ozarks. I feel more murderous than that. I want to go back to the jackass who put braces on my teeth way back and I want to knock his teeth out with a crab hammer. All totaled his bad orthodontic job has cost me 25 years of constant pain and discomfort. It has ended with me missing two teeth entirely. Reconstruction is not looking good either. Especially since close to 20K has been sunk in the dental work that has failed over the years.

I've just made an appointment for a second opinion with a top reconstruction specialist in Annapolis. They do not take any insurance. That's the way it goes. I have a line of credit just for dental work. My appointment with them is for this Thursday. It would be nice to get even some temp teeth back in by next week.

No amount of thinking about Disney World is cheering me up today. It's one of those days that you just 'get through' I guess.

For dinner tonight I have a nice bucket of Carnation Instant Breakfast waiting. Not to mention a pint of ice cream from Bruster's. My face is swollen and sore.

Love Monkey is coming for a visit this weekend. I hope the swelling in my face goes down before then. I look like a poster child for domestic violence and I sure as hell would hate to go out in public and have people think that I couldn't take Love Monkey in a bare knuckle brawl!
Monday, January 11, 2010
Are You Ready for a Summer in Paris?
The Summer In Paris artsy fartsy crafty retreat is on!

From the author if the "We Will Always Have Paris" blog comes a 3 day crafty retreat in Harper's Ferry VA in August.

Click the above link for more info.

Since it's close to home and looks like fun, I'm going to put in on my list.

What do you think OMBH? Is it close to your abode?

I'm still looking at Dizzney Whirled too. It's so freaking complicated to plan! Hotels, Food Plans, Ticket Combos. They should have a "Laff and Barf" plan that lets you pick the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean and ride those non stop until you barf. Then you can go back to whatever room you're staying in and feel like you've accomplished something on your vacation.

OMBH I don't know how you did it!!!!! I am looking at the links you sent though. Thanks!

I want to stay in a park hotel so I can do the night time activities. I know I am many years too late for the "Main Street Electrical Parade", but I still want to see a nighttime light parade and some fireworks.

My first choice was the hotel with the monorail in the lobby. However I'll have to hit the lotto first. (Yikes!) The New Orleans Square hotel looks nice and middle of the road. The hotels all say they don't take animals but Bob has his own ID and passport and travels as a "special needs" human.

Whatever hotel I choose it looks like I better be ready to walk twenty miles a day or die. Yikes!!!!!! :)
Is that a bomb dog or are you just unhappy to see me?

I think I've just seen a bombdog

Gratuitous "Vince" pic from NoelFielding.Org (For OMBH)

Monday mornings are almost never good. At least not Monday mornings when I have to come in to work.

With all the foolishness going on lately, security has been heightened. That is a good thing, but it also sets the nerves on edge. We are being bombarded with emails and memos to "report suspicious activity".

When I ambled through the 20 degree heatwave outside I came across a man walking a yellow lab in the parking lot. The dog was not wearing a service harness or vest, nor was he wearing law enforcement gear. The man was dressed in civilian clothes.

Dogs are not allowed on our office compound. I reported the dog to the armed security guard when I went through a checkpoint. The guard didn't seem to think it was suspicious.

This morning they've been making "report to your car" announcements for quiet a few people.

So was incognito puppy a bomb dog, a drug dog, a cadaver dog, or an unauthorized personal pooch?

Who goes out to walk a dog in 20 degree weather without a coat? Who walks a dog on a parking lot when there's a grassy field right next to it?

It's nice to think my employer is investing time and effort in keeping the building from getting blown up. But it's not so nice to think somebody has snuck through security and is checking out our cars.

Monday, January 04, 2010
Fire up the Doombuggy!

Fire up the doombuggy Maude!

Yo ho, yo ho, a tourist trip for me!

Taking OMBH's lead, I've decided to plan my dream trip to Walt Disney World. Today I've registered with the Disneyworld Planning site and I've started looking at things.

Anyone have any good resources for planning this out? Good guides, websites, books? I'd appreciate the tips.

What is the "Downtown Disney Area" location for a hotel? How is that different from being in the Magic Kingdom area?

Looking at the maps and options, I'm going to have to take Bob and a his little cart and get him to tow me around! Wow!
Boy Toyz
An update on the availability of the HWMNBN Action Figure.

In response to OMBH's question, yes there is a fully "correct" version of the doll available. A special limited edition and is available for a limited time only from a special store outlet using a special ordering procedure.

Sources tell the Tuxedo Inn that the "full on" version of the doll is available for a nominal premium fee at "Beeb Toyz" in London City Center. Go to the back door on Tuesday mornings between 9 and 9:01 a.m., knock 4 times, kick twice, and whisper "Stiggy sent me you flaming Margaret!" when asked for the password.

You will have to sign a liability waiver when you pick up your "action figure".

Tuxedo Inn has learned that the "specialized" version of the doll comes with two extra stripey jumpers not generally available as well as the "Fusker" pet figure.

Please note the liability waiver indemnifies Beeb Toyz from any and all damages resulting from the purchase of this item including, traffic arrests, alienation of affection, and mental instability.

This item is constructed on a metal armature and may require extra time to get through customs. Customers from outside of the general London area are encouraged to "ship" their figure home as it will not pass airport pre-flight inspection.

HWMBN examines a mock up of the full out correct version of his namesake action figure.

If overall sales of the toy are brisk and the accessories sell well, there are plans for a "Deep Sea" version of the doll for next holiday season.

Editors Note: The Tuxedo Inn, while a liberal establishment, is refusing lodging to guests insisting on bringing their "Action Figure" in to share their room.
Hmmm, wonder if these links are useful?
More info on my "bad girl" DVD player. It's a Phillips DVP3140 and I got it for 40 bucks at Circuit City. Amazon says they are out. Overstock has it. With a little looking, it's probably available in other locations.

Please note that the DVD player will say nothing on the box or in the mannual about turning off the region. You have to go to the web for "hack" codes for that. I reset the region on mine with a few keystrokes on the remote.

Here's a few links that mention the keystrokes needed.

Turning Off Region Codes on Phillips DVD Players?

I started looking for Region 2 players when I bought a CD/DVD combo from Amazon US and discovered the DVD included was Region 2.

I'd like to repeat that I'm viewing legally purchased DVDs. I don't have any bootlegs or rip offs.