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Justine, is a little bit more than you'd expect. This is where you are supposed to put your "elevator speech". What you'd say if you were in the elevator with somebody you wanted to connect with. I don't have an "elevator speech". If I ran smack-dab into one of my "heroes" I'd just have to smile and be polite and keep my yipper shut and that's probably for the best anyway!

Friday, October 30, 2009
Bob's Fall Mix
You can listen to this playlist FREE without having the sign up and buy anything. Just click on the "bobsfallmix" playlist title below. That will take you to Rhapsody. You may have to install a Rhapsody player to play the tunes. This playlist is paid for and legal. It is a service of my Rhapsody subscription. Enjoy!


1. She Wolf - Shakira
2. Hells Bells -
3. Downtown Lights - Annie Lennox
4. Werewolves Of London - Warren Zevon
5. Thin Line Between Love And Hate - Annie Lennox
6. Smile A Little Smile For Me - The Flying Machine
7. Autumn Leaves - Jo Stafford
8. When October Goes - Barry Manilow
9. Voodoo - Godsmack
10. Why - Annie Lennox
Smile A Little Smile for Me . . . . .
OMBH might just have hit the nail on the head about who should foot the bill for both our new sportscars. Somehow I doubt they will! :) It's a very peculiar broken heart, sort of. Not a "madly in love" thing, but an overwhelming desire for another life.

Last night, for the first time in months, I saw a Bently on the road. I think it was a Continental. It was a drop top. The guy driving it couldn't have had it too long. He was struggling with the lights and turn signals. He was also oversteering and almost throwing himself out of the car when he tapped the brakes.

I've seen a few Rolls Royces around the airport, but mostly it's Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes snobs on the daily route.

Bob's been ambling around the house humming and singing. I think it's his not so subtle way of showing support. He's been doing his camel rendition of "Rosemarie" by The Flying Machine.

"You really should accept
This time he's gone for good
He'll never come back now
Even though he said he would
So, darling, dry your eyes
So many other guys
Would give the world I'm sure
To wear the shoes he wore

Oh, c'mon smile a little smile for me, Rosemarie
What's the use in cryin'?
In a little while you'll see, Rosemarie
You must keep on tryin'
I know that he hurt you bad
I know, darling, don't be sad and
Smile a little smile for me, Rosemarie, Rosemarie"

A soft sweet smile from NoelFielding.ORG

Love Monkey is trying to go to work while in back pain and while on pain pills. He's a never say quit kind of guy. We have concert tix for a big blues jazz thing next weekend. I hope he's good enough to attend. Those tix were expensive and it's a fairly far drive from here.

I have tix to see Jesse Cook next week. That should be a good show. I'll be flying without the Love Monkey on that one, so it should be low key.

The "car" is back from the shop. Recharged battery, new starter, and new computer module for the security system. After they insisted it was the starter, they found out the car still wouldn't start right. DUH! After the 6th time around on the "diagnostic computer" they found a short in the security system. DUH! I've only been reporting that the keys and remotes are not working correctly for the last 6 months. They acted like it was a news flash that when I left them with "Key 1" of the 2 keys they could only get the car to start 40% of the time even when they jumped it. DUH!

When I arrived to pick up the car last night, they said "You're total for today is 890$."

I blurted out "The f**k it is!"

Apparently you don't do that in a Caddy place. That is unless you want them to put the extended warranty paperwork through and behave like they're not stupid. My ammended bill came to 100$. That was way too much after all the service visits and crap I've paid out of pocket for the last 3 months.

I'm looking forward to uninteruppted sleep tomorrow morning. I might risk taking the car out to a movie. Maybe I'll just stick within cab range of home.

Surely have a case of the Friday "tireds".

Halloween night I'm planning on shutting out the lights and playing some pinball in my studio. My machine was delivered 2 years ago this halloween.

Another pick in sort of teal from NoelFielding.ORG
OMBH is right, teal is his color!
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Just A Little Smile

A soft sweet smile from NoelFielding.ORG

It's been raining, the rental car windscreen wipers are torn, Love Monkey has pinched a nerve in his neck, and things seem more than a bit gloomy.. . . . So I needed a little bit of Vince looking winsome.

Somebody baked and brought in pumpkin spice cookies. I'm having a nosh and sorting through the mayhem of a new "change management ticket" system.

So far the Cadillac people have recharged the new battery again and again. Replaced the starter. Recharged the battery after the car still wouldn't start. Miraculously discovered that there is a short in the electrical system. Replaced the security system transponder. Looked at my repair tickets for the last six months and noticed that I said the various keys wouldn't start the car and random intervals, realized it's always been the security transponder, covered up the fact the starter wasn't really broken. Oh and I think they're taking off the renegade wheel locks too.

I purchased and charged a nice "jump box" to keep in whatever car I drive. It seems that I was able to take out all the "Mom & Missy" supplies only to replace them with car repair paraphernalia

I think I get the car back tonight. I've got a tentative appointment to test drive Dodge Chargers this Saturday. The price of used cars has skyrocketed since last year. I'm finding that a used car is almost as expensive as getting a new one.

I accidentally went to the Chevy site and designed and priced a brand new Camaro. But that was just an accident you understand. I am in no way suffering a mid-life crisis.

I've long since forgotten driving my grandmother's pre-wrecked 69' Rambler in high school. It was a car. In no way do I feel that I missed out on something by not having a Nova, Camaro, TransAm, Mustang, Cuda, Chevelle, Challenger, Charger, Super Bee, or Ferrari. No feelings of "I'll buy what I want now!" have occurred. Nope, I'm lookin' at Toyotas and Nissans. I'm lookin' so close that I find that a Camry, a Taurus, a Camaro, A Mustang, a stripped out Charger, and a top end Nissan all cost about the same new. I'm also thinking about how many more new cars I'll get to have in my life. Before I buy the obligatory little-old-lady car I want something decidedly not dowdy-stodgy-practical.

Oh well, here is another pic of Vince!

Another little jump start from NoelFielding.ORG
Yes I realize he's wearing a dish towel, a Handi Wipe, and a leather coat. He still looks perky!

Sunday is zero hour fans and fiends! Do you have your NaNoWriMo supplies in the pantry? Have you made the commitment to go word count crazy? It's not to late for the thrills and chills of unbridled noveling! NaNo starts this weekend! BEWARE!
Monday, October 26, 2009
Oliver Has A New Name
Currently he is officially known as "Lemon Drop". Friday night he was christened with his full new name that inludes letters like MF,CS,POS and SOB. The whole alphabet was used for his new "call sign".

He is the first GM car I've ever owned. I suspect he'll be the last. I'm shopping the interwebs for a nice Toyota or Nissan. Lemon Drop is in the shop, because he destroyed his 10 day old battery and I had to call a tow truck.

I have had it with that piece of sh*t. I keep paying Cadillac payments and driving a Nissan rental. Today's special is a "Versa". It is a shopping cart with a license plate and a gasoline engine. It looks like I car jacked a muppet. It sounds like I'm driving a 1930's Ford delivery truck. But it starts and runs and that is more than I can say for a Cadillac.

I was down sick with whatever is going around. Last week I was out 3 days and wound up having 2 days off without pay. While I was convalescing the car drained its 10 day old battery to the point it would not take a charge.

Basically last week I caught a bug and bled out money for 5 days straight.

I hate cars. They all suck rocks with a straw. It wouldn't matter if I had a Bently Arnage or a Toyota Corolla, I'd still be hitchin'.
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
11 More Days Until Mayhem & Muder!

It's coming. Nothing can stop it.

NaNo WriMo strikes November 1!

Are you ready?

Register now. Buy chocolate, stock up on coffee, reinforce your office door.
Monday, October 19, 2009
Must Be An Angel Playlist
You can listen to this playlist FREE without having the sign up and buy anything. Just click on the "angel" playlist title below. That will take you to Rhapsody. You may have to install a Rhapsody player to play the tunes. This playlist is paid for and legal. It is a service of my Rhapsody subscription. Enjoy!


1. Between Us - Robert Palmer
2. The Downtown Lights - Rod Stewart
3. My Heart Can't Tell Me No - Rod Stewart
4. What Do You Care - Robert Palmer
5. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll - Ian Dury & The Blockheads
6. Can We Still Be Friends? - Robert Palmer
7. Johnny & Mary - Robert Palmer
8. There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) - Eurythmics
9. Send Me An Angel '89 (dance mix) - Real Life
10. There Must Be An Angel Playing With My Heart - Luciano Pavarotti
11. Angel - Madonna
12. Blood And Roses - The Smithereens
13. Only A Memory - The Smithereens
14. She Makes My Day - Robert Palmer
15. Downtown Train - Rod Stewart
16. Leave Virginia Alone - Rod Stewart
17. Behind The Wall Of Sleep - The Smithereens
18. I Dream Of Wires - Robert Palmer
19. Woke Up Laughing - Robert Palmer"

"There must be an angel, playing with my heart!"
Yes that is Vince all dressed up in his "Sun King" regalia.

This morning the Smithereens are filling up my head with a wall of sound. If I could assemble a play list and post it from my current location I would. "Behind A Wall of Sleep" and "Blood & Roses" are my faves by the Smithereens. "Beauty & Sadness" are on the play list too. Reminds me of someone I'm not talking about anymore.

I realized as I was writing this that 99% of the contemporary radio listening populace have no idea who the "Smitereens" are. I'm so out of being current media relevent it's not even funny.

Bob was reading the online papers yesterday and let out a mighty snort. When I questioned him and threatened his hump with a thump he confessed to reading the column of "HWMNBN". He said the man had a woman in residence and was talking about living in his garage. Bob thought that was a rude comment to make in the press about one's "girl". I think he's right. HWMNBN is looking more like a "piece of work" each time he opens his mouth or uses his pen.

Love Monkey and I don't co-habitate but we're more kind about each other than that! LM was in attendance last weekend. This morning instead of the morning wake up phone call I got the "tickling feet" treatment.

It's nice to have company on the weekends. It's even nicer that he helps around the house. He fished the handfull of loose change out of the bottom of the washing machine for me. I'm too short to reach the change when it goes to the bottom! LM also helped me repot the geraniums and bring them in for the winter. My front beau window is now full of flowers. He also helped me put in pansies for winter.

So domestic eh?

Right now I've got a thumper of a headache so I'll post the other 2 yummy Vince pics I found on I'd like to note that I'm posting the pics on my site rather than linking to them at because I want to save them some bandwidth. Thanks!

"Strike a pose!"

"Monday morning right?"
Friday, October 16, 2009
Mystery Date

"Who's your mysterydate?"

Ok girls! Christmas is coming! Have you been through the Sears Wishbook yet? Have you picked out the games and toys you'll be wanting for Christmas? You've got to get that list in to the mail to Santa pretty soon so he'll have time to fabricate your loot!

Bob is tapping my on the shoulder and reminding me that Sears doesn't have a "Wishbook" any more. He's also reminding me that the game "Mystery Date" is no longer politically correct. Stuff that! Milton Bradley still makes it and it's available on Amazon.Com

Remember this girl? She was the hapless victim of random occurrence and got stuck with the "dud". Oddly enough the 1970's dud looks a lot like the 2009 "catch".

Since I am old enough to drive, pay taxes, and foot the mortgage. My mystery date choice is both Vince & Howard. My mother always said it would take "10 men and a boy" to pick up after me so I'll just start out with two.

One to earn the cash and be "practical" and one for "party time". If moribund and chemically resurrected "Hef" can have a "herd" then there's nothing to say I can't have a "spare" hanging about.

I can vaguely remember being 18 and I can not imagine that I would have bought into the "Hef" spiel. "Just let this ancient geezer, yes he's older than your pop-pop, poke you with his ancient nasty bits. We'll pay you lots of money and post naked pictures of you all over the world for nasty boys to stare at when they're pawing their nasty bits!" Who squeals with glee at that?

That is not a "different age" girl, that is a different species of girl entirely.

But no worries with Vince & Howard. They are close enough my age as it doesn't break any laws. :)

Bob is now shaking his head with worried concern. Hey he's going to Disney World. I'm going to work.

OMBH, Bob says that he appreciates your ability to discern your friends from beasts of burden. When he goes to big events with human friends he has a fold up cart that he keeps in the car. When the people get tired, he whips out the cart and tows them around.

He is sorry to hear about your hair. He is collecting hair from his brush to knit me a scarf.

My mom lost a lot of weight and her hair came out. It grew back though. That is heavy duty weight loss girlfriend, take care of yourself!

I need to pay attention to what I'm feeding myself, Bob reminds me that frequently.

On day 3 when you can't feel your feet, is it still fun? Sounds a bit intense! I've always thought Disney should rent "adult strollers" so that the kids can push the parents around!

I've heard Disney has added a Capt Jack Sparrow figure to the Pirates ride. Haven't seen it yet. Should be waaaay cool!
Thursday, October 15, 2009
Bob Hump Thumped

Bob pinch hitting again today. Justine is working a bit late. She's finally got her "tapes into the system". Whatever that means.

Her "Mighty Boosh" CD's arrived yesterday. I had them on the entry hall table for her when she came in.

I could hear the squealing from the den. She ripped open the package and loaded the "Extras" DVD into the player first. I brought her a refreshing cold beverage and the fun began.

Except that it didn't.

What ensued was not "Mighty Boosh" entertainment, it was an advertisement for another BBC show. As the promo for something about "Father Ted" or something or other went speeding by there appeared a scene on a cliff with a sign saying "Pervert point" or some such thing. Who should be standing at the sign pointing? HWMNBN that's who!

Justine let out a screech and poked her paw towards the "back" button on the remote. I put a firm, but gentle, foot on top of hers and said. "Let it go. It's over now."

However, this incident left a damper on the program. Poor little Justine, there seems to be no escaping for her. Perhaps HWMNBN was her enemy in a former life. Perhaps he was her rival or her lover. It seems there is some cosmic bond that plants his mug directly in her face when she least expects it. It's much like that illusive Rolls Royce that she sees coming and going from the airport during her commute. But the Rolls Royce is a happy thing, not a maddening oogy-boogity.

After her little upset, I fetched Justine and I some white cheddar cheese popcorn. Then I commandeered the remote and found the episode with "The Hitcher" character. She was laughing at his silly song in minutes.

Despite a good dose of "Mighty Boosh" she had a rough night. It wasn't HWMNBN related, I'm sure. But she didn't get to sleep until very late and during the night I heard her thrashing. When I woke her up, she'd thrashed around so much she'd broken the bronze hair comb she uses to hold her mane up. She's had that thing for 20 years!

It's been a rainy, dreary day. I'm glad something is going well for her at work. I'll keep the lights on for her until she gets home tonight.

OMBH, maybe we can hook up at Disney! I'm pretty easy to spot in a crowd. Not many camels go to amusement parks. I'm hoping they'll let me on "Pirates". I'm pretty sure Space Mountain is out. I don't do well on rides with safety bars. :)

Perhaps this pic of Vince from will be more to your liking.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Bob Chastised, Contrite, and Corrected

Bob here. I've been chastised, contrite, corrected, and hump thumped (figuratively) for my post of HWMNBN last week. In the interval I have come to understand that Justine was not amused or encouraged by my antics.

HWMNBN is a closed chapter in Justine's life at this point. She feels sheepish and not in a warm,fuzzy way. So I will stop haranguing her on the point.

She has a birthday raging its way up the calendar. She's not feeling perky or terrific on the whole.

With any luck the postman will arrive shortly with her "Mighty Boosh" DVDs and I'll get a chance to see her smile this evening.

At any rate, I have a few more weekends at the Ren Fest. Then there's a break until he Christmas pageants start. I think my cousin Pajama Llama and I will fit in a trip to Disney World during the break. That depends on whether or not I can abandon Justine. I'm going to put a padded foot to "Love Monkey's" chest and make sure he understands he is to take excellent care of Justine in my absence or there will be heck to pay when I return!

Since I am now on the "Mighty Boosh" bandwagon I am including a photo of Vince Noir from

Looks like a proper scamp that one!
Morning has broken, like a Cadillac CTS
Ok so it's morning. I can tell it's morning because the system clock, chugging away relentlessly, is insisting it's 9:23 a.m.

Of course the DB2 timestamp insists it's 14:25, that means in England it would be perfectly OK to have a beer.

Living here in the "Romeo" time zone does not grant one immunity for "morning is just too early" syndrome. This morning, morning is about 12 hours to early.

Despite my succumbing to Vince Noir's charms and ordering a copy of "Mighty Boosh" on DVD, I did not spend the night ogling nonsensical videos. I spent the night passed out cold. It still wasn't enough.

I'm going to have to switch to a 30 hour day to fit everything in. I'm surprised that the reigning Pharaoh hasn't thought of this. Everyone could switch to a 12 hour work day, volunteer for 8 hours, and still have 10 hours for everything else. It would please Pharaoh mightily. More hours working on the temple, is more taxable hours. More taxable hours is more money to burn, stuff up the royal nostrils, and toss at troubles.

The most regal and sovereign state of maryland, it does not deserve to be capitalized, put slot machine approval on last fall's ballot. They moaned that it would only be at "race tracks" and it would save the state's dying horse racing industry.

In actuality, the big race track has gone bankrupt, and at least 1 slot parlor is planned as an addition to a large shopping mall. This would explain why this "destination mall" sprouted peripheral motels as soon as it was finished three years ago. Who builds a motel and conference center next to a mall? Granted there is a "Bass Pro Shops Mega Store" there, but that is not enough for multiple motels. It seems the "fix" has been on this for a while, no?

It was announced earlier this week that not only has the deal been done, but that the state is legally obligated to BUY the SLOT MACHINES for the CASINO OWNERS! It will pony up 65 million to run the casinos as well.

The state is currently furloughing public employees because it's flat broke. So the poor guy that processes my income taxes gets 2 weeks off without pay while my government buys slot machines for casino owners?

I say smack another item on the ballot and vote slots right back out!

The old "this is for education" ploy is being trotted out. Our state lottery was supposed to be for education. School roofs are still collapsing and every lottery ticket I've bought in the last year has "To Benefit the Stadium Authority" printed on it.

Morning has come too early and now I'm having the unpleasant side effect of not being groggy enough to ignore the folly and fantasy of living in a political hub.

Perhaps it is because I have friends who work in the government trenches and they suffer mightily at the whim of Pharaoh. Perhaps it was this morning's ride on the converted "tape cart" elevator that gave me that "down the rabbit hole" feeling.

Tony Bennet is extolling me to "Have a little fun." He's in the surprise rotation on the MP3 player this week. So is Tom Jones. After hearing Tom belt out "Kiss", the Prince version sounds silly and fey.

Tom looking virile

The "wonderland" vibe is taking the lead lately. The state legislature passed an unconstitutional bill to prevent the "Preakness" horse race from leaving the state. Paul Ankha has been given 50% rights on Michael Jackson's death theme song. Roman Polanski may be forced to prove he's not just a "serious film maker" but a "serious adult" and settle his criminal case. Phil Spector has a "documentary" out to help prove his sanity that makes Tony Bennet out to be a much worse legal transgressor than his convicted murderer self. The wheel is spinning and the hamster is on benzodiazapenes. (See him run a few steps, wobble, fall down, and get back up again?)

What the heck? I had a good weekend. I now have a luminous blue neon camel in my studio space. My crafty projects are crafty. The furnace is working gloriously. I have enough change in my pocket to purchase a cold refreshing beverage and I'm headed to it now.

As a parting show please accept this gratuitous pic of something that makes me smile.

Hugh Jackman making me want to return to my surf rat roots.

Why did I mention the Caddy in the title? Damn thing broke down again last Saturday. It's back on the road but it takes both sets of keys to get it to start. I love computer technology!
Friday, October 09, 2009
Radio Free Podunk
Being cool wasn't always so easy.

If you are twelve years old now, you are probably wailing that being cool is impossible. But believe me, it used to be a lot harder.

In the insignificant time frame between the fall of the Roma empire and the proliferation of the Internet there was a time when primitive FM radio and local broadcast television was the only teenage lifeline from Podunk to cool.

In these dark times if you lived 200 miles outside a major metropolis your lifeline was subject to the whims of the atmosphere. Your last line of hope on windy Saturday nights were copious coils, strands, and straights of wire thrust towards the sky or wrapped around metal shelving. Newbies to human life might have heard wizened technical shamans use words like "rabbit ears" or "metal coat hangers" to refer to these contraptions.

If your luck held out and the layers of atmosphere aligned to send signals your way you might pick up a big city pop radio station. You could cram your neck at odd angles and shove your ear against the speaker to listen to the "Top 40 Countdown". (Yes we used speakers, there were no ear buds!) This information was critical. It gave you some clue as to what the "civilized world" was listening to. If you were "connected" you could get the local record store or "record section" of your department store to order these mysterious records for you. If you were even more fortunate you had a hotlline to your local radio station and could persuade them to play that music on WKZPODUNK, thus giving you the image of being a "trendsetter".

When I was a trending teen, "cable TV" was in baby booties and "satellite TV" was available on in James Bond movies. We received 2 television stations. One was regular broadcast and one was PBS. When a second station set up shop we thought we were going to succumb to overwhelm. Our television choices showed the farm report, Hee Haw, and PBS "cultural" programming. On Saturday night the two network stations went off the air early. Only PBS held on, broadcasting primordial reruns of "Dr Who". PBS was my nourishment in a sci fi challenged environment. PBS also showed ballet and opera to keep my strength up.

Mind you, when I was very small I lived in a large city. We went to the ballet, the theater, the orchestra, and even the "moving pictures"! When I moved to "the middle of nowhere". I felt forsaken, alone, and devastated. All the things I loved where gone in one fell swoop.

Our new home had one pop radio station and it was programmed by someone who had not heard that those days phonographs were running at 33 1/3 revolutions.

My special treat were stormy nights when I could pick up faint city radio stations. Sometimes I'd get extra copies of 12 inch dance remixes from friends who DJ'd in the local clubs.

Fashion was tricky in Podunk too. The closest clothing store was 24 miles away. School shopping was a day long excursion to a spot 75 miles away. Mom worked in the nearest large town and often bought my clothes after work. I didn't get editorial approval, it was wear them or go "nekkid". So I wore them. Mom had a pretty good eye.

Anything really stylish I had to save up for and purchase during an "expedition".

OMBH mentioned being almost the only one in her town that had heard of Adam Ant back in the day. I remember scrimping and saving for a 3 piece wool suit, a Etienne Agnier handbag, and a camel hair overcoat. (I was stylin'!)

My high school and college squeeze owned a dark blue velvet suit and a "Smokey & the Bandit" special edition Trans Am.

No I am not writing this from a nursing home whilst clinging to my life support machine! I am sitting at a new computer, being thankful for Amazon.Com and Amazon.Com.Uk I just ordered "The Mighty Boosh DVD Special Edition". It will be arriving on the doorstep next week.

In the "bad old days" I would have never heard of "Boosh" or the beauty that is Vince Noir. I would have also never heard of "Top Gear", "Stiggy", or "Richard Hammond". (Or HWMNBN)

In the bad old days I would drive for 3 or 4 hours to see and art exhibit, shop in a full sized book store, or view an animal more exotic than an opossum.

Ok, the Internet is my friend. Google is my close confidant. Rhapsody keeps me touch with all the artists from the fuzzy old days and brings me into view of all the goodies I've missed.

Back then the glossy press was still filled with unattainably thin models the only difference was they were airbrushed instead of Photo shopped. The shoes were impossible to walk in. Moral standards were changing daily. Rap was being born. Rock and roll was going geriatric. Gasoline prices were skyrocketing. Import cars where threatening the American job market. Fast food was ruining the American diet. Health insurance was too expensive and not many had it. Retirement was scary. People ranted about how much sugar was in a can of soda pop. Boys wanted sex when girls wanted "true love". Aids was claiming its first victims. HPV virus was making young men and women sterile because nobody wanted to talk about how to prevent it. Reproduction was a hot topic among parents and the only way the biology teachers could teach it was to discuss breeding cattle. People thought the "war on drugs" was winnable. The country was in recession. Fresh college grads were having to live at home because they couldn't get jobs. Interest rates were spiraling. Young people despaired of ever having a quality of life on par with their parents.

Nothing much has changed really. Except now we can watch disaster footage on portable telephones, buy books from an unseen store in the United Kingdom, and find out myriads of real and wrong information in seconds.

Being cool is still a fantasy for teens, tweens, and cougars but now we're all commiserating on this fabulous electric box.

"Should old acquaintences be forgot and never brought to mind?"
Thursday, October 08, 2009
What Ho From Bob!

Bob stepping in here! I'm putting a foot down, granted very gently, on this HWMNBN nonsense! That business with the bustier last night was too much. I had to use a swiss army knife to get Justine out of the thing. She'd turned blue! She knows camels don't have thumbs! We can cinch but we can't uncinch!

I'm breaking the HWMNBN ban right here and now.

I picked that clip because of HWMNBN but IS Named's similarity to a equine associate at the Ren Fest.
Wednesday, October 07, 2009
Beautiful Strangeerrrrrrrrrrrr
Hang on a moment! Bob's having trouble lacing up my bustier. Camel's don't have thumbs but Bob does have a lovely gentle foot pad.

To make amends for mentioning "Liza with a Z" and sending OMBH into relapse, I'm going to sing a little song now.

Bob? Crank the karaoke machine!

"Haven't you heard?
You're some kind of beautiful stranger.
You could be good for me.
I have a taste for danger."

"If I'm smart then I'll run away
But I'm not so I guess I'll stay
Heaven forbid
I take my chance on a beautiful stranger."

"I looked into your eyes and
My world came tumbling down.
You're the devil in disguise
That's why I'm singing this song!"

That concludes this evening's entertainment!

Bob? Can you get this thing off me? I can't breathe!

Juicy Vince goodness photos from NOELFIELDING.ORG
Pay them a visit, they are well stocked with Vince pics to fit any mood.
Thursday Tunes
You can listen to this playlist FREE without having the sign up and buy anything. Just click on the "CrashThatBlimp" playlist title below. That will take you to Rhapsody. You may have to install a Rhapsody player to play the tunes. This playlist is paid for and legal. It is a service of my Rhapsody subscription. Enjoy!

Today's playlist is flavored with some personal favorites, Bob's anthem, a little something for OMBH, and a few tunes from the "Blitz" era for "HWMNBN".


1. Perfidia - Glenn Miller
2. I'm Your Boogie Man - (Sex On The Rocks Mix) - White Zombie
3. Stand And Deliver - Adam Ant
4. Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant
5. A String Of Pearls - Glenn Miller
6. (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty (Dance Remix) - KC & the Sunshine Band
7. It Must Be Jelly (Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That) - Glenn Miller
8. Strip - Adam Ant
9. Serenade In Blue - Glenn Miller
10. Celebration - Madonna

P.S. OMBH, hope you are on the mend. The creeping crud has been making the rounds and it is no respector or "to do" lists! I wonder if Clarkson stood by and yelled "Oh the horror!".
Baby wears electric boots.

Had to post a little goodie today. At some angles this looks oddly like "Liza With A Z".

Got into a pub brawl at work to get some work to do. Mr. 29 year old thinks he's the only one who can do anything. He said he wasn't sure where the software was to be installed and tried to get me to give up. I told him I didn't care if they installed the software on the roof, I was going to be installing it. I've been sitting for almost 2 years waiting for installation work, I'm bored to the point of looking for another job.
Monday, October 05, 2009
So that's where that went!
Ok, it's Monday. I'm having a little Monday remorse over how much stuff I had planned to get done over the weekend and how much stuff I actually finished.

I've been working on and in my studio space since April. Each unpacked box of stuff, there are 6 left, is a recrimination. They demand that I transcend the boundaries of space, time, and stamina and achieve "Martha Stewart Perfection" without the assistance of a staff of 40. My logical mind knows this is a ridiculous aspiration but my "female side" is howling for complete order and balance in my universe.

Beneath the dining room table yesterday I discovered several bags of "desk stuff" from when I switched jobs last October. I now remember that these bags of "essential" materials went straight into my studio and then went out of the studio during the renovation. They have again surfaced trolling the carpet beneath the table. There is no choice but to sit down and go through them. My common sense side says to toss them into the trash without opening them. My never-say-die side says I should go through them and see if I can find my calculator and ruler. Another side of me says "If I have to go through one more box of anybody's stuff I'm going to commit arson!" It's a precarious locale. I think it's time for the organizer to make a reappearance. She is excellent when I get "stuck" and can't move forward. She also hauls away all the "to go" stuff when she leaves. She does the run to the dump or the charity. If I had her job I'd "fall myself off a cliff" to get away from the endless sorting and boxing.

Of course none of this is helped by the fact that my mom was diagnosed with cancer during the middle of the remodel. The clutter is a constant reminder of what has happened. Odd as it sounds. It's also a constant reminder that I have the clutter of 3 generations in the house. I keep tossing and it keeps breeding. Everyone is familiar with the "cabinet monster" that fills ever nook and cranny with never-before-seen junk during the darkness of night.

The studio space is now full and I'm loathe to unpack anything else. I haven't got a place to put it. I've put drawer units back into place without sorting them out because I don't have the heart to do it anymore.

Yesterday I was working on a project and I wanted this cute string of lotus shaped beads I bought. This string of beads appears and disappears at will! I found them not long ago and put them someplace "obvious". It was so obvious that I can't find it again!

You know, it's that circular madness of doing, organizing, finding, and using up. I'm ready to start fitting the porcelain figure into the new shadow box piece and I want to include some beads. I found 3 strands of ruby colored beads that are liable to be used instead of the green lotus beads. The color doesn't match in my mind but I may try it anyway just to see what it looks like.

Anyway. It's Monday and I visited the site "Lovely Listing" to get a chuckle. "Lovely Listing" reposts "unfortunate" real estate listing pictures. It is a hoot. This morning I discovered what happened to that Tardis I saw in the studio last spring!

It appears the Doctor is taking some time off in Canada. Click on the website link above to read the full story.

I wonder if this Dalek is just waiting for the home owner to go to sleep before he kicks in his "jets" and climbs up after them!

I read over the weekend that HWMTBN crashed an airship. Somebody gave him a small blimp to pilot and he crashed it into the ground. He's ok. Being a blimp it came down like a deflating birthday balloon and landed with a gentle "thump". It still makes me wonder where I screwed up. Somebody is handing this man Bugattis, Blimps, and toys galore. I'm getting to play with terabytes of personally identifiable data. It doesn't seem like as much fun.

Last week I went through a funk about it all once again. That horrible phase where you look at your life and wonder how you have crashed your personal "blimp" of destiny into a thorn bush again. It's accompanied by the creaking of the tool box, the preparing or the blimp patches, and the interminable re-inflating of the airship.

In the immortal words of Freddy Mercury, "I want it all and I want it now!"

I know it's all supposed to be about the "journey". But sometimes the "journey" sucks.
Friday, October 02, 2009
Bob Like Decor

Ok, they don't call it "Evil Bay" for nothin!

Somebody let me get too close and I zapped in on another "Camel" item. This time it's a camel shapped neon light.

Actually I've been looking for a piece of hanging work to go in this one spot on the studio wall. I bought this piece with that spot in mind.

My neon camel arrived yesterday. He glows a magnificent blue.

Some people collect owl stuff. Some people collect those scary "Snow Babies". Some people collect fuzzy kitten figurines. I love camels.

That's probably why I let Bob in when he showed up at the front door that dark and stormy night.

Bob himself seemed a bit surprised that I bought a neon sign for the studio space. I think he's sensitive that it may lend a certain "tacky" atmosphere to my lovely home. I think it will look "neato" in the spot where I want to put it. If it doesn't, I'll just pop it back on the "Evil Bay" and send it along.

But somehow I think this will work out just fine.
Time Travelers
The mystery lads from yesterday are back. They are the long lived sixties rock band, "The Moody Blues"!

The pic below shows the band with their second set of personnel. The original band layout hit the charts with the single "Go Now". Then Denny Lane left the group to pursue his own solo career. The band reformed with the addition of Justin Hayward and Ray Thomas. Justin Hayward wrote "Nights In White Satin". This lineup of the band commandeered a recording stuido and created "Days of Future Past". The rest is long running music history.

The lineup below is: Mike Pinder, Graeme Edge, Justin Hayward, Ray Thomas, and John Lodge Circa 1960's

The same lineup in a different order. Circa 1970's

The band less Mike Pinder from the 1990's

The band now. Ray Thomas has retired.

The guys are still touring. I've seen them with and without symphony orchestras. I've seen them in Vegas and in podunk middle-of-nowhere. I've never seen a bad live show. They still chug along with aplomb. The only "off" performance I've ever seen them give was on a DVD capture of a gig in the Albert Hall or some such. That night the lead singer was loosing his voice.

At this point I will carefully avoid discussing the two boxes of concert programs, authographed stuff, photos, magazines, and clippings that nestle in the guest room closet. Do not pay attention to the huge autographed concert poster framed and hanging in the guest bedroom. You do not see that. :)

No I have never leaned against a steel post at a concert and felt the bass line rattle the metal fittings in my foundation garments! I have not come out of a concert venue, after spending two hours in front of the speaker stacks, and had to lip read what my companions were saying. No I am not in posession of a blue tye die shirt with a album cover graphic printed on it.

I am the solemn and gloomy inn keeper here!

Mr. Capybara will testify to my solemnity and dignity! Of course it doesn't help that I'm posting a snap of him in the bath!

This pic is from Cute Overload. That web site is on my daily browse list. Be carefull! It's addictive!
Thursday, October 01, 2009
Blondies, Brownies, & Bagels

Can you name the guys in the above pic? Probably not. :)

I used to have the biggest crush on the one in the middle. He's one of the very few blonds I've ever crushed over. This pic doesn't do him justice but he is a beauty.

The guy on the far right had his hair brushed out straight for this pic, it's usually curly like Roger Daltry's.

The second one from the left took up sailing and golfing and is a Star Trek fan.

The second one from the right likes to fish, and can play the flute.

At work today was "meeting" day and we had bagels. We're all listing to port and trying to stay awake. Little power struggles are erupting over upcoming projects. I'm trying to stay out of the way. Watched some "Might Boosh" on AdultSwim.Com last night. Can't get the "Bouncy, Bouncy" song out of my thoughts.

No Vince Noir pic today. I'll try and give it a break. I've got the "blindfolded on an apple box" pic as my PC wallpaper. Very distracting. :)

It's Thursday, not much wit and humor left.