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Justine, is a little bit more than you'd expect. This is where you are supposed to put your "elevator speech". What you'd say if you were in the elevator with somebody you wanted to connect with. I don't have an "elevator speech". If I ran smack-dab into one of my "heroes" I'd just have to smile and be polite and keep my yipper shut and that's probably for the best anyway!

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Ching, Ching, Ching
Thursday again. The days are flying.

Tomorrow night is pinball night again.

Visual pinball has become my friend and now I have a regular arcade on my laptop.

The job, well that's going ping, ching, ching, just like a pinball machine.

Things are bubbling away.

I can have so much more than I have now and I'm allowed to. Let's see what doors that thought opens.

Luv ya freaky darlings
Monday, August 27, 2007
Flippity Flip
Sunny Summer Monday. Brewing up fall. The light angled over just right. Looks like September.

On the way home from work on Friday I stopped by an amusement games store. They have a "Creature From The Black Lagoon" machine under restoration. They had a few new machines that they gracioulsy let me play.

Spent the rest of the evening playing pinball. Family Guy, Addams Family, Shadow, Creature, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Bad Cats, Phantom of the Opera, 8 Ball Deluxe, Who Dunnit. Played from 5 until midnight.

Don't know if I'm looking for that single minded concentration that wipes out the world or if I'm trying to recapture that something about the long ago summer days.

I will have a pinball machine the house. It just may not be now. I think I'd rather have hardwood floors first. (Yeah, machines cost as much used as they do new these days.)

Next weekend, the organizer will be back. I don't want to go into that backroom full of mom's stuff any more than I want to swim in a vat of chicken soup. But the sooner it's done, the sooner the house will be in order.

Remember a time long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, when pinball ruled the summer nights?
Friday, August 24, 2007

I have abdicated all responsibility and gone to play pinball.

Last friday I spent 3 hours in the pinbal halls and then another 2 on the simulator at home.

This friday I'm getting off work early. More time to play pinball.

I've got quarters. I'm sick of being responsible.

You can find me and my pocketful of change in front of the Addam's Family machine. But don't bother. I'm going to ignore you anyway. This is my pinball night.

Maybe after I get done with the pinball, I'll go to the drive in.

Kissy Kissy.