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The Mystic Land of Ohio

Written By: Justine - Sep• 14•17

I want to travel

To Ohio

For Halloween.

To see a man who haunts my dreams,

Make popcorn on a spotlight.

I have seen him do this before,

Mind you.

But my soul is calling for me to go again

Sit in the dark  among strangers

Watch the ritual

Devil ¬†Carnnie Barker’s smile

Taunting lightly

the late arrivals.

Knowing the corners of the eyes smile,

The mouth shows teeth,

The head shakes in merriment

The true eyes show a darkness in the soul

Beneath the impossible blue eyes

that once bore into me like lightning

Seeing me for a second

As I hadn’t been seen in three decades.

As much terror as I learned to feel

When my long ago self

left that safe house on the rise.

in the middle of the development,

in the middle of the world.

In the middle of my life

I want to creep back

To the mystic city of Cincinnati

Just part of an audience

Unseen in the dark

Following ritual

Laughing in the right places.

Barely able to breathe

When I drive past that long ago house.

In the night

Before going to the airport

Looking like a business traveller

Coming back to now.