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Have You Seen Me Lately?

  Feeling very much not myself these days. Feeling like it’s time to be somebody else.  I cut my hair, broke out the fountain pens, and started swimming again.  I can feel the ocean calling.  Work seems like a mistake made by someone else, why am I working in an office? I’m being haunted by […]

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LIVE STREAM: An Evening With Top Gear – An exclusive preview of Series 22 – #EveningWithTG – YouTube

  Found this on you tube.  Little did we all know this would be the intro for the last series of “Top Gear”. Although from James’ shirt we should have known something had gone more askew than usual.

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The Language Is Leaving Me In Silence

  After the Eurythmics last night, today was an Annie Lennox playlist day “No More I Love Yous” was released on the Medusa Album.  It struck quite a cord with me then and it still does. It seems so easy to remember the drama and passion of first loves, college loves, and indeed any love […]

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It’s Guilt Edged, Glamorous, and Sleek by Design

“You know it’s jealous by nature, False and unkind. It’s hard and restrained And it’s totally cruel.” What is is that? “Love”, according to the Eurythmics tune  “Love Is A Stranger (In An Open Car) “ XM radio channel 8 played that song during my commute tonight.  I’d forgotten how much I liked it.  Even back […]

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Oh James!

James Bond is returning in “Spectre”.  The movie posters are out in force.  If  the NR Cinema wants me to pony up ten bucks to watch the next Bond flick, they need to take those posters down. When I met friends for a Sunday afternoon movie last week the front of the theater was chocked full […]

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The Lights Are Still On

The lights are still on here at the Inn but I’m being pokey getting the next post up.   We will resume posting regularly shortly.  Right now we are busy sending our orthopedist’s children to private school.  PT does NOT RULE! In the meantime here’s some suit porn from the movie “Kingsmen”     The […]

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