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Have You Seen Me Lately?

Written By: Justine - May• 13•15


Feeling very much not myself these days.

Feeling like it’s time to be somebody else.  I cut my hair, broke out the fountain pens, and started swimming again.  I can feel the ocean calling.  Work seems like a mistake made by someone else, why am I working in an office?

I’m being haunted by the ghost of Harry Heart as it were.  But that is a post that I can’t quite seem to finish.

With the summer solstice on the horizon it’s time to make some magic. Time to open my arms to change and see what happens.

I do promise more coherent and thought out posts.  Clarkson, Hammond, and May Live have started advertising on Facebook so I have my favorite fodder.  (Mr. May & His Ferrari)

I even have good pictures from the Here Come The Mummies concert last Saturday.  Of course I didn’t think to get photos of me covered in mummy makeup and hand prints after I went through the meet and greet!  But I did get to hug some of the strangest men I’ve ever met.  Everybody loves a sexy mummy! 🙂

Cuz if you drop by, send me a line.  I was remiss in not getting your last one until so late.

As ever, your  Justine.

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