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Pressure Drop

Written By: Justine - Mar• 06•15


The “Weather Channel” has started naming winter storms.  I don’t want that kind of acquaintance with weather systems.

It snowed 8 inches today after raining all night.  The street, the drive, the walk, and the yard are turning into a chunk of ice in the overnight temp of 8 degrees.

I’m inside with Toots and the Maytals, Robert Palmer, UB40, and Big Mama Thornton.  My damaged knee won’t hold me up to dance anymore, but I’m doing my best.

When the barometric pressure drops the knee hurts.  The only response is a little music and a sure faith in the springtime.

On a totally unrelated note:

Take a look at the web site for Huntsman Tailors on Saville Row London.  They  inspired the “Kingsman” shop. 

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