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Craft Be Cherished, Rules Be Damned

Written By: Justine - Mar• 04•15


Not exactly what you expect to be printed on a beer bottle cap is it?

Last night’s Du Claw ” Bare Ass Blonde” brew  delivered its tiny homily like a kick the head.

I’ve been living clamped so tightly on the edge of pain, following orders, prescriptions, rules, that I haven’t had time for craft.  Writing craft, ink craft, silver work, or the simple craft of living life.

That bottle cap  now has a magnet on the back of it.  When the glue is dry it’s going on the fridge door.

At my worktable I took another moment and reloaded my favorite fountain pen.  Why write with a scabby ball point when a whole rack of luxurious pens and beautiful inks are sitting on the desk in the next room?

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