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Nothing Beats A Bare Ass Blonde

Written By: Justine - Mar• 03•15

Du Claw Brewing’s Blonde Babe

After a long dry spell, I’m finally able to enjoy beer again.  Instead of small smile of a return to normalcy tonight’s hopeful trip to the newly renovated package goods store in the strip mall left me a bit befuddled.


Instead of finding a cold 6 pack of Killian’s Red I was confronted with row upon row of bizarrely named beers, ales, and ciders.  Then there were to ‘soda pop mixed drinks in a can’.  What ever happened to Jack and Coke?   Who want’s to drink something named “Sweet Baby Jesus?”  When I was in college it was “Screaming purple Jesus” and it was made in a new 30 gallon trash can with grape cool aid and grain alcohol.  Now it is a chocolate peanut butter stout.  What the hell?

There were brews by every pun based piratical name.  There were brews named after tires.There were brews named for dogs and their every .  There were brews named about  I don’t want to spend my evening with a good book and anything called “Old Leg Humper”!  Not unless he looks like Johnny Depp and takes turns reading to me in between humps.


Luckily for me the store stocked bottled offerings from the Baltimore based Du Claw Brewing Company.  Even though they are the purveyors of “Sweet Baby Jesus” they also still make “Bare Ass Blonde”, a nice pale ale with a little tingle to it.  My favorite Du Claw beer is “Misfit Red” but they’ve kept that on tap only.  It’s also too early in the season for “Mysterium” Belgian spiced ale.


When the weather breaks I am going to have to crawl out of my snowbank and make a trip to the local “Du Claw” brew pub  for a growler of something good.


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