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Downtown Trains, Sleet, Sunday Night

Written By: Justine - Mar• 02•15

Last blog posts were so long ago.  Seems like another lifetime.  Looking back I’ve had this blog through several lifetimes.  It started out learning HTML.  then it became a place to silently scream about watching someone die of Alzheimer’s disease,  then it became a healing tool when I wrote every day for a year about the automotive distraction that is “Top Gear”.


Then I came down with a serious bout of thyroid failure and  forgot about this place entirely.

The arrival of the domain name bill shook me back into paying attention.

Since I don’t think there is a living soul that  comes by this dusty corner of the web anymore,,I think it’s time to pick it up again.  Time to heal from the latest learning experience that life has handed. out.


Although the calendar says it is March,sleet and snow are piling up outside and tomorrow will be a convivial folly of tossing ice melt at an ice house explosion.


Tonight is a night for rummaging through the fridge looking for the last ale and finding only a jar of  “Moonshine Cherries”  leftover from a Christmas party.  It’s about shuffling through old playlists and remembering Rod Steward in his leopard skin spandex phase.  It’s about laughing at the new Reunite wine commercials on television.  It’s about remembering someone saying to me. “You know my money and your money could be so happy together.”

Here’s to you, here’s to me and for what we foresee…………..

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