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Ferocious Friday Night

It’s that burnt cigarette end of the week, Friday.  The cold and snow grind on, winter looms large and sinister. For all my good intentions I’m ready for an early night.  Tomorrow I begin pool therapy for my mangled knee.  Tonight I just hurt and I’m tired. So how about a great quote  in lieu […]

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Pressure Drop

  The “Weather Channel” has started naming winter storms.  I don’t want that kind of acquaintance with weather systems. It snowed 8 inches today after raining all night.  The street, the drive, the walk, and the yard are turning into a chunk of ice in the overnight temp of 8 degrees. I’m inside with Toots […]

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Craft Be Cherished, Rules Be Damned

Not exactly what you expect to be printed on a beer bottle cap is it? Last night’s Du Claw ” Bare Ass Blonde” brew  delivered its tiny homily like a kick the head. I’ve been living clamped so tightly on the edge of pain, following orders, prescriptions, rules, that I haven’t had time for craft. […]

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Nothing Beats A Bare Ass Blonde

After a long dry spell, I’m finally able to enjoy beer again.  Instead of small smile of a return to normalcy tonight’s hopeful trip to the newly renovated package goods store in the strip mall left me a bit befuddled.   Instead of finding a cold 6 pack of Killian’s Red I was confronted with […]

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Downtown Trains, Sleet, Sunday Night

Last blog posts were so long ago.  Seems like another lifetime.  Looking back I’ve had this blog through several lifetimes.  It started out learning HTML.  then it became a place to silently scream about watching someone die of Alzheimer’s disease,  then it became a healing tool when I wrote every day for a year about […]

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