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November 12, 2013 Part 2

Written By: Justine - Nov• 13•13

The gates slapped closed behind us with a prison movie clang.  Instead of clear view of a house or a dock, the driveway was surrounded by fir trees.  They were fifteen or more feet high on either side of the drive  around the car.  The tarmac made a graceful curve through the trees and opened into a hardwood forested area.  We crested a small rise and it was on the down slope that I saw a 3 story art deco hotel.  Painted in shades of gray and silver, dotted with cobalt blue trim, with long silver aluminum strips along the straight lines of the facade the building looked like something from a jazz age dream.  The building was circled with long rows of picture windows all covered with dark silver blinds or silver sheers. The garden boarder around was filled with gardenias plants with potted mums set at intervals along their  There was no portico or evidence of any doors.

I followed the drive around the end of the building, past a gated turn in for an underground garage, and up to a river front view.

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